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1. Non-intellectuals who can at least keep up the appearance for fifteen minutes.
2. Cop-out postmodernists.
3. Critics.
...After fifteen minutes over coffee discussing the qualities of Emerson's work as being original, he screamed in desperation: "There is nothing left to be original about! There is nothing original left! I see no value in anything because everything has already been thought!" He then made an effort to point out the flaws in a friend's poem and how she could improve it with synonyms and left in silence.
by heroin hiroshima May 01, 2005
1. The name of the tool used by the Prince in the game Katamari Damacy--the ever expanding ball of monumental importance that will one day consume all the earth. Quite possibly, Revelations may have predicted the Katamari and the King of All Cosmos to be the instruments of the apocalypse. How disturbing.

2. Nomme de plumme applied to the drug ecstasy by fellow college compatriots who found the drug references of the game hilarious and somewhat less than subliminal ("Roll free and forever!").
1. "My Katamari is bigger than your Katamari!"

2. "Dude...you got any katamaris?"
by heroin hiroshima August 11, 2005
A William S. Burroughs novel detailing a story of opiates and users, published as a nearly "pulp" novel by Ace Books.
"I read this good book about heroin. It was called 'Junky'."
"Uh. Cool."
by heroin hiroshima May 01, 2005
A store that everyone has shopped at, but will deny to their dying day.
1. "I was so _______ (insert your "rebellion statement" here) that I never shopped at Hot Topic."
2. "I used to shop at Hot Topic back when it was hardcore. But now, it's just for poseurs."
3. "Jesus said unto Peter, before the cock crows, you would have denied me three times."
by heroin hiroshima May 01, 2005
A strange silly game credited to Johnny Conder, carried beyond the city limits by a girl named Apryl. Usually involves the smoking of marijuana, followed by Apryl jabbing her finger into your gut and saying "poke". This action is repeated until she finally exclaims "Pass the poke, man!". From there, everyone passes the poke around until collapsing into laughter or untill something else catches our attention.
"Poke." Jabs finger into Jack's gut.
"Poke." Repeat.
"Poke." Repeat.
"Dude...pass the poke."
Jack passes the poke.
by heroin hiroshima May 04, 2005

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