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a child born outside marriage
by Hero March 16, 2003
A gay guy named Nathan.
There's gaythan wearing his clown shoes again.
by Hero November 17, 2004
born of mexican drunks, named by intoxicated parents.
"you got frandonized"
by hero April 08, 2003
The one and only enoch.The father.Who is sadly no longer among us.He still roams the streets listening to techno and molestering little kiddies
All hail father Nigmas R.I.P
by hero October 14, 2003
goodies of a woman
Hero grabs Kovox's poonannies
by Hero January 20, 2003
the all time iss champion
"..........and there it is ,hes won the trophy again.........10000 victorys in a row.........that gives him the crown of all time greatest iss player!" ever.....
by hero May 20, 2003
a person who always is guilty of the crime at hand
"oj did it"
by hero April 08, 2003

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