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when a girl and a guy go at it with a penius and a vagina. usually.
me and my boyfriend were talking dirty on the fone. so we decided he would come to my house to swim and do that stuff. so he comes to my house and we imidiatly start kissing. so he takes off my top and bottoms and sucks on my nipples. i let out a little groan. so i go underwater and take his shorts off. and i say get on the ladder. he does so his dick is rock hard now and he is up in the air. so i blow him with a intensity and he is groanin and then cums in my mouth. i swallow all of it and kiss his penis and blow on it. he shudders and says please what can i do for you. all i say is get inside me big boy. so he is rubbin around my clit and puts it inside me. hes @ it and kissing me and hes squeezing my boobs and then i orgasm and he does as well so then i say come upstairs with me. so we get out of the pool and collect our suits and put towels on and go up to the house. so i grab his hand and pull him into my bathroom. i take him in the shower and drop my towel. he is just starring @ me in awe of my body. so i take his towel off him and turn the water on hot. he says for me to lay down and spread my legs. i do and he gets down and eats me out. then i get out wash his cum off me. and we go to my bed room. i lay down soaking wet and say fuck me. he does this for 3 hours. then he had to get dressed and go home. he cumed for me 5 times and i orgasmed 6 times. it was the best sex ever!
by hermine granger!!!!! July 05, 2011

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