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Duxbury is small beach town that is located on the Coast of Massachusetts. The teenagers in this town live in a false reality that drugs, alcohol and popularity will bring them fulfillment. Rather than using their wealth in a humble and constructive way, they misuse their privilege by wasting their life bragging about their money,partying away their youth, and striving only to make more money.

The parents allow their children to live destructive lifestyles, and the teachers and faculty at the high school promote tolerance of substance abuse and pompous elitism over other social classes.
I lived in Duxbury, and all everyone talks about is how they're not snobby while adding "It's not our fault we're richer than them!"

They get wasted on school nights and their parents don't care and are actually usually the ones supplying the liquor and pot.

The only one who "fights" the substance abuse problem is an ignorant dare officer who focuses on getting kids in legal trouble rather than actually trying to solve their personal addiction.
by heretoday February 08, 2008

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