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A world class athlete with a little help from Big Pharma.
The rookie is raising some brows and has some gossip going on about being a bit of a Lance Pharmstrong.
by herbybell June 01, 2011
The common sense associated with recovering awareness about The Story of the Universe and our species common origin/creation story. Conventional wisdom of our foundational roots of origin.
All species and forms are related; It's Quantum Sense.

Quantum Sense says we all come into this existence from the same place.
by herbybell April 02, 2010
The wedding of 'meta' and 'narrative'. The story behind or as the backdrop of a story. The master story. The whole story. The meta-narrative.
The speaker's story wasn't fully understood until she shared the merrative with the audience.
by herbybell March 21, 2010
The last ditch effort to save a lost cause. A belief in a false premise. An idea whose time has long gone.
Her Sarah's Failin effort to deny empirical scientific evidence, dumbed down the dwindling crowd.
by herbybell July 13, 2010
An affinity for or toward being available for the largest possible context of things. A state wherein one is in touch with the connectedness of all things - "in flow".
The orchestra maestro was quantamiable in his ability to create a holistic experience at the symphony.
by herbybell April 14, 2010
Whole mind. A state of consciousness reflecting a holistic, integrated perspective.
Her holophrenic insights allowed the group to see more similarities than differences. She inspired people to step into a larger, more inclusive context.
by herbybell May 31, 2011
the gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas while sitting on one's posterior in a classroom setting
While sitting and listening to the long lecture I seem to have retained much of the content by the process of assmosis.
by herbybell April 03, 2010

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