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Australian slang; for no worries. Said quickly as to sound like no I's.
aww yea mate, sorry about shaggin your misses,
no i's mate she'l be right.
by herbie January 22, 2004
Australian, v, used in accordince with with someone to get angry, pissed off, snakey, dirty
When Ryan Adams or Pete Murray get rotation on triple J , I most definately...get the shits.
by herbie August 31, 2004
Australian, n, trashcan; garbage can.
chuck it n tha bin mate
by herbie August 31, 2004
australian, n, 1) a cardboard box of beer, usually consisting of 24 tinnies, stubbies, or bottles of beer.
2) a cardboard box of cigarrettes usually consisting of 10 packs of 20 cigarrettes each.
Its all happening mate. bring yer cartons.
by herbie August 25, 2004
Australian, n, nightdress
I saw his missus in her flannelette nightie mate. Horrible sight that was.
by herbie August 25, 2004
Place in East side of Manhattan.
west village or east??
Aww...yea lets go to the east
by herbie February 01, 2004
also known as " the kind " humbolt greens are referred to as very potent marijuana from Northern California in Humbolt county.
"whatchoo got right dare homie?"
"Humbolt greens dogg....."
by herbie January 25, 2004

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