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Australian; v, To tell on, or turn in someone.

To report a person to the authorities.
he dobbed me in, the bastard!
by herbie August 17, 2004
Australian, n, abbr, relatives.
i had to put up with the missus rellies all weekend mate. Spewin.
by herbie August 31, 2004
australian, n; a large bottle ( 2L to 4L ) of wine, usually cheap.
Aww mate, you had 3 flagons last night? Can it really be done?
by herbie August 25, 2004
Australian, colloq, slang, drop trousers and underwear, bend, spread arse cheeks, and flash anus;
( similar to U.S. ' mooning ' )
Merv chucked a browneye at the footie game.
by herbie August 25, 2004
australian, n.z., n; wife. the handbrake. ( see )
I took the missus down the pub last night.
by herbie August 25, 2004
Australian, n, a bricklayer
most me mates are brickies as well, we all meet up the pub for lunch
by herbie August 25, 2004
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