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Greatest band ever. period. awesome.

Lead singer did too much smack and died.
When you deal with sublime you get funky fresh lyrics.
by herb311 September 30, 2004
A place where a bunch of pseudointellectual douchebags like to post on urbandictionary about how Earth is supposedly filled with idiots who are dooming the planet.

Guess what assholes, you're not smart. And you're all a bunch of fucking hypocrytes. You're using electrcity, medicines tested on animals, and I'm fairly confident alot of you bleeding heart assholes drive an SUV. If not, you're still driving some automobile.

Please die.
"I don't eat meat becuase it's so cruel how they treat animals. Hey, did you see my new leather boots? They're great. I can't believe how we're destroying the earth, people just arn't smart, they're such a plague on the land. Uh-oh, im running low on gas, lemme pull in here real quick. It will also give me the oppurtunity to use makeup products tested on animals. Oh hey, i just realized it... I'm not an intellectual, i'm just a douchebag"
by herb311 April 30, 2005
A test to be preformed on a chick before eating her out. Finger her a bit and catch a whiff of your finger and you'll know if its safe to proceed.

Use your finger like a dipstick to check her oil
Yo man i checked her oil and knew it was safe


Yo man i checked her oil and DAMN!!! Was that a stank pussy.
by Herb311 October 25, 2004
A term used when you or a friend know you're able to bang a chick. You have her "under the blanket"

Origiantes from the fact that when your watching a movie with a girl and you get under the same blanket with them your set to fuck. or at least make out. or get a blowjob. Or suck on some titties.
Man she was askin about you at work, you got her under the blanket.
by Herb311 October 24, 2004
Secretive way of talking about hot females.

See also WAFFLES
"I'm Hungry, lets go get some wings"

"I ate some wings last night, the sauce got all over my face, i can still taste it"
by herb311 September 09, 2004
If someone has a 10,000 lb hand they are rather adapt at getting females to go down on them.

Think of it this way, if there is 10,000 lbs placed on the back of your head, you ain't goin anywhere but down.
Wait, how'd you get a room full of virgin nuns to give you head?

I've got a 10,000 lb hand man
by herb311 March 23, 2005
A girl who does not meet you or your friends standards. Due to many possible reasons, the main one being uglyness. It is also possible that she is crazy, plays head games, etc.

see also WINGS
that bitch is WAFFLES, man.
by herb311 September 09, 2004
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