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When someone dates a person who is broken. The resulting relationship is inherently flawed. The relationship takes on destructive qualities, the scope and magnitude of them vary, but often a person will look back after ridding him/herself of the leech and think "that was a dark chapter in my life."

Often irrational, dating someone who is a destructive force in your life. Can be serial; when a person dates many people who are destructive in succession.

Keys to defeating destruct-o-dating can be found in tool songs "pushit" "schism" "lateralus" "undertow" "cold and ugly" and "bottom"
"Why did you date mongoose?"

"I guess i was destruct-o-dating, just got sucked in and it took me 7 months to break it off.. man, that was a dark chapter in my life.."
by henry prefect December 01, 2006

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