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A person who displays the trait of red hair; the individual may or may not have freckles and pale skin. They are said to be derived from Vikings. However, there are many downsides to being a ginger. For example, gingers have no soul. NONE. They are also discriminated against, for they are inferior to normal humans. Gingers are freaks of nature. Some of them are not to be associated with, while it is acceptable with others. Try not to get too acquainted with them, for they have no soul, so they will not be seen in the afterlife.

November 20th was designated "Kick-A-Ginger" Day. As fun as that may seem, please refrain from actually kicking any gingers. That would be mean. And isn't it enough for them that they have no souls? Plus, they're already gingers. Don't make their lives more miserable.

Contrary to some beliefs, nobody is jealous of gingers. If you are jealous of a ginger, there is something wrong with you. Check yourself into the nearest hospital and seek medical help immediately.
"Hey." "Ew, get away from me you ginger. Go associate with other soul-less outcasts." "I'm sorry, you're right. I'm just a ginger. Here's 5 bucks for wasting your time." "That's right, bow down ginger son. Now skedaddle, you are not worthy of being in my presence and I am tired of looking at your pumpkin colored hair.
by helloooomyfriend February 08, 2011

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