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pop/powerpop/indie band
forrest-writes and records songs, lead singer, plays guitar
marcus-bass guitar/bass keyboards (wears red headphones)
chris-drums, other percussions
at the moment they have only one album, titled, "hellogoodbye"; an EP, but they're releasing a full-legnth somewhere around may 2006...they won the dew circuit breakout on mtv2, so soon they will be popular, and teeny boppers will roam about talking crap about hellogoodbye that they know nothing about. all we can do is hope that the band doesnt change, and ignore the posers.
hellogoodbye is the best band ever. hopefully, teeny boppers wont come and ruin them and make them shit like they do to all the other good bands out there.
by hellogoodbye's most wonderful fan December 11, 2005
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