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The reason Bin Laden couldn't watch Al-Jazeera.
OSAMA: Hey Saddam, put Al-Jazeera on, I want to see my forces getting the shit blown out of them by the Americans.
SADDAM: Sorry Oz, we're not allowed coz there's a taliban.
by hello birdie June 21, 2006
1) Green Day's first commercially succesful album.
2) Abnormal faecal matter, that can often be caused by eating food that does not agree with you. The Green Day album, 'Dookie' was written at a time when the band were on tour, and eating lots of bad food. A dookie was the end result of the poor food.
3) A piece of faeces.
1) Have you got Dookie by Green Day? Yeah, it fricking rocks!
2) Eeeewww, thats a dookie...
3) I need to go blast a dookie!
by hello birdie June 21, 2006
A totally crap game, played by arseholes who have nothing better to do. It involves running around killing fellow players and other creatures, like chickens for example. People who play this absolute shit game could be described as fucktards, and will often play for days on end before dying of hunger, exhaustion or have their eyes fried by the continual glow of their computer screens. It has spawned a whole family of new slang words, such as scimmy and wildy.
Nerd1: i was on runescape 12 hours yesterday, i killed 56 noobs with my rune scimmy.
Nerd2: i dont care, i got 6748400000 gp for selling my dragon platelegs.
Normal guy: shut the fuck up you spazzmoids.
by hello birdie June 21, 2006

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