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A small city of about 100,00 people located in the North Bay section of the Bay Area. It is pretty boring and lame for the most part considering all the typical DGAF BMX riding Nor Cal white boys who live there, the Nortenos that stay at Rocky Hill Park are the only semi-real gangsters in Vacaville. One of the only good things about Vacaville is the incredibly danky bud they got there!
Dude #1-"Another boring Saturday night in Vacaville, what are we going to do Bruh besides go smoke on a Cutty Mission!?!" Dude#2- "Were not 21 so we can't go to the bars, fuck man why do we gotta live in the most boring section of the Bay Area!?" Dude #1- " Yeah let's just go to the Sco!"
by hellathizzinoffapill February 10, 2011

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