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A Marxist-Deleonist party in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They split from the main Socialist Labor Party of America, yet believe in same Deleonism. (no difference) The New Union Party used to be called the Farmer Labor Party. The FLP was a Marxist party before joining with the DFL. The FLP headquarters was in Chicago. It was controlled by the Workers Party of America in 1924. There is no mention of communist or marxist or deleonist or socialist on it's political website.
Person 1: Vote for Tom Dooley! He wants "Change"
Person 2: Dont' vote for DFL or New Union Party..not marxist!
Person1: But I want a Working democracy!
Person 2: Working democracies don't add to debt!

Person 1: doh! I eat sock!
by hellads May 13, 2010
A Japanese RPG (aka anime RPG) for Playstation released at the height of the Playstation RPG fandom in mid-1999. Simply unique due to it is perfect for beginner RPGs gamers with a not fully developed cerebral cortex. Actually, it is ideal for old gamers to come back and try to build up their former glory. I understand that one of the reasons it is cutesy is that "Princess Mint" doubles as a comic relief character. The game is known to be cutesy which may alienate most mainstream gamers.

Gamespot 7.9
IGN 7.8
5th grader: What is the easiest RPG for Playstation?
6th grader: Umm, Threads of Fate. It's cutesy though.
5th grader: What's wrong with it?
6th grader: I can't stand comic relief. The characters make me insane.
5th grader: ...

by HELLADS February 11, 2009
A conservative chav, also known as Nashville chav, is a chav variant with blue jeans, any old T-shirt, a pair of tennie shoes, baseball cap, and may or may not 'cross era dress'. Some chavs may pick the 1980s style while others will pick the late 1990s. Jackets can come in variety between leather jacket, from some of the cheapest coats to the more expensive North Face jackets. Fleece is extremely popular fashion for a conservative chav. These Chavs are supposed to deer hunters/fishing/bowhunting in the Midwest US.

- sports branded baseball cap
- fleece
- 3-8 year old T-shirt
- blue jeans or designer cargo pants
- tennie shoes
- puffy side burns and lots of hair
- slightly unshaven
- avoids haircut sometimes.
- no jewelry or maybe a cheap neckless
- non fancy watch (Timex Ironman or Castaway for example)
- pro-capitalist
- not nearly as aggressive as the actual chav culture it is based off of.
Guy 1: What kind of Chav does the Midwestern chav look?
Guy 2: They're all conservatives or liberal-conservatives or some kind of conservative. The John McCain or Michael Steele or Reagon Democrats.
Guy 1: Juez, the conservative chav counter-culture looks weird.
Guy 2: Yep, these people think there is something greater than the latest style like President Bush fashion style.
Guy 1: Whatever. I dig urban cowboys.
by Hellads March 08, 2009
A videogame console based on Power6 (Power PC) architecture with 4 PPEs and 32 SPEs and a D12U GPU with 512 MB GDDR5 RAM and 386-512 MB XDR and quad layer Hitachi firmware Blurays. Runs a newer version of Puppy linux as firmware. PS4 uses Dual Shock 4. The dual shock 4 has 128 MB flash memory to store from anything from game saves to music files and Sony got this from the N64 and Dreamcast controllers. The Dual Shock 4s can upload from PS3s as well. It comes with memory card socket converters so one can simply plug the dual shock 4 into it and transfer game saves from PS1 and PS2 to PS3 or PS4.

Sony will finally expose the PS2 ELF format and emulate modchip so gamers can play pirated games (Discs) or emulators without modification, because they can't make money off PS2 games anyhow. It will only make PS4 more favorable. Sony just won't admit this to anyone. This will be a thorn in Nintendo's side, but that will justify the cost and all the cruel and unusual treatment. PS4 will come with MAME and all you have to do is add Roms to a special folder and type a special path in the Mozilla web browser like "run MAME" and then MAME is executed from Puppy Linux and the game list appears.

And that's not all, the Puppy Linux can now execute portable Linux applications from the hard drive.

Something special to PS4 is if your system gets bricked which is a bad thing, you can press a 'reset button' to go to a emergency firmware that'll install firmware without the primary firmware functional as a fail safe! This is true for routers.

The top selling game is going to be first Grand Theft Auto and then Gran Turismo 7
Gamer 1: I'm playing Legend of Zelda on Ocarina of Time on Playstation 4!
Gamer 2: Sweet.
Gamer 1: Yeah, runs great and I downloaded some other N64 games I have never played like Ogre Battle 64 - Person of Lordly Calibur. It was a sequel to The March of the Black Queen.
Gamer 2: I remember that game!
by HELLADS September 20, 2008
Communist Party, USA is a marxist-Leninist (made up of Russian-Americans). Oldest communist Party in world, 1918. Supported the black supremacy groups (ie: Black Panther Party) and Black National Congress. Far left is black Far right is KKK and Neo-Nazi. Their leader is Sam Webb who represents US in Communist summits, really old guy. Sam looks Russian. Also party of now-famous poet and activist, Frank Marshal Davis, who moved to Hawaii and thought Pres. Obama tricks-of-the-trade.

Affiliated with all the marxist professors goal of teaching communism. Who heard of deleonlist professor's anyway? Never mentioned by any radio stations or TV stations, because due to the smith act, the followers freelanced and took a New Union Party stance on censoring words like communist and marxist. CPUSA now situated as a think-tank for far-left Democrats.

Basically, the de-facto party to the present the far-left.
Sam Webb is from the CPUSA. He is more popular than Tom Dooley!

Great! Now we have a choice of which school of thought
I know, China uses them as their pet product, because they predate Chinese Communist Party.
To this day, I don't know why China picks CPUSA over the Revolutionary CPUSA. My only guess is to embarrass the Russians!
by HELLADS May 17, 2010
A 16-bit console released by NEC Corporation in 1990 that sold 10 million worldwide. It sold better than 32-bit 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (10 million), and 16-bit Neo Geo and 32-bit Atari Jaguar (250,000). It sold only 2.5 million in USA and is an entry level collector's item. The best selling game was Bonk's Adventure which spawned 2 sequels and weren't great. The good games on the system were all SHMUPs like Blazing Lasers, and R-Type. The reason why it looked inferior to Sega Genesis was the 8-bit CPU. It was the first console to use CD format in 1991. CD games include WonderBoy III (platformer), Ys I and II (JRPG) and Street Fighter. Legendary Axe 1/2 were an Alter Beast clones. Neutopia I/II were Zelda NES clones.

* CPU: 8-bit Zilog Z80A
o 3.546893 MHz for PAL/SECAM, 3.579545 MHz for NTSC
* Graphics: VDP (Video Display Processor) derived from Texas Instruments TMS9918
o Up to 32 simultaneous colors available (one 16-color palette for sprites or background, an additional 16-color palette for background only) from a palette of 64 (can also show 64 simultaneous colors using programming tricks)
o Screen resolutions 256×192 and 256×224. PAL/SECAM also supports 256×240
o 8×8 pixel characters, max 463 (due to VRAM space limitation)
o 8×8 or 8×16 pixel sprites, max 64
o Horizontal, vertical, and partial screen scrolling
* Sound (PSG): Texas Instruments SN76489
o 4 channel mono sound (3 Square Waves, 1 White Noise)
o 3 tone generators, 10 octaves each, 1 white noise generator
* Sound (FM): Yamaha YM2413
o mono FM synthesis
o switchable between 9 tone channels or 6 tone channels + 5 percussion channels
o Included as built-in "accessory" with Japanese Master System (1987)
o supported by certain games only
* Boot ROM: 64 kbit (8 KB) to 2048 kbit (256 KB), depending on built-in game
* Main RAM: 64 kbit (8 KB), can be supplemented by game cartridges
* Video RAM: 128 kbit (16 KB)
* Game Card slot (not available in the Master System II)
* Game Cartridge slot (not included on newer Brazilian models, as these have built-in games)
o Japanese and South Korean consoles use vertical shaped 44-pin cartridges, the same shape as SG-1000 and Mark II
o All other consoles use 50-pin cartridges6 with a horizontal shape
o The difference in cartridge style is a form of regional lockout
* Expansion slot
o Unused, pinout compatible with 50-pin cartridges (but opposite gender) in all regions

The successor was the 32-bit PC-FX and had a ton of adult hentai and anime dating sims on it. Things American culture aren't supposed to like.
Gamer 1: Remember Blazing Lasers on Turbografx 16?
Gamer 2: Yeah, I remember the reason gamers didn't buy it, because it was back at the beginning when every Japanese manufacture thought they could make a videogame console and succeed in America (ie: Neo-Videogame Crash of 1984).
by HELLADS January 09, 2009

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