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a word used to replace hella, started in the Seattle area.
Yo dog, that shit was dicka tight, fool!
by hella_bull March 20, 2005
an adjective usually meaning that something really fucking sucks...
Damn, that movie was HELLA bull! What a waste of nine dollars!
by hella_bull March 20, 2005
1. ready for bed or to hit the proverbial sack

2. fed up
1. I gun go lay dayown, I's ti'ed, biaaatch!

2. Yo, I is ti'ed 'a' niggas, mayun!
by hella_bull March 16, 2007
another word to replace hella.

also see bull to understand the following example:
Damn, that bull is bulla bull!
by hella_bull March 20, 2005
A word to describe something used when you really don't feel like desribing it. Can be used both positively and negatively.
Mmmmmm, this bull is hella good!

Fuck that, that's hella bull!

Can you grab that bull over there for me?

What is all this bull?

Where'd all this bull come from?

Who's bull is that anyway?

Who mixed this Red bull with my Jagermeister?

That is a bull dog.

Who drank all my bull ice?

That bull is bulla bull!
by hella_bull March 20, 2005
going down on OR eating out a bitch, or as some ignorant individuals call them, a female.
Yo man, my jaw is fuckin' SORE from tongue shoveling the FUCK ditch all night!!!
by hella_bull March 24, 2007
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