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1. A christian Rock band
2. performers/creators of O Praise Him, Open Skies, Our Love is Loud, and more
3. The Leader (David Crowder) created the book Praise Habits
4. An awsome band with wonderful music in the lyrics and the tune
5. members: David Crowder, Jason Solley, B-Wack, Mike Hogan, Jack Parker, Mike D.
Did you hear the new David Crowder*Band CD "Sunsets and Sushi"?
by hehe =) March 02, 2005
1. A funky girl
2. A extremly funny person
3. A person who can make anyone laugh
4. A person who is often scared by me
5. A VERY smart person
6. A silly human bean
I hung out with Ridhima today, and she made me smile!
by hehe =) March 02, 2005
1. a Psychiatrist
2. A person who is always open and willing to help you
3. A person with violent actions from time to time (haha)
4. A really cool person
Consult Essiepoo!
I got help from Essiepoo.
Essiepoo just punched me.
by hehe =) March 02, 2005

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