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2 definitions by heeltap26

snappy-chat is net communications and comments that have no intellectual or cognitive worth, especially with regards to answering Questions or discussing topics .
Yahoo Answers has a problem: snappy-chat! Participants resort to snappy-chat(aka snap-chat)rather than ask and answer real Questions.
by heeltap26 August 10, 2008
: is a brat or troll who likes to post inanities and vitiolic, chidish insults on the buzzboards at Yahoo Buzz and other social networking websites without any reference to the main topic of a news article.
For example, the buzzbrat sees the news article is about the outrageous troublemaking antics of the President of Iran(Ahmedinijahd) or the President of Venezuela(Hugo Cavez) and,illogically, automatically says that the US President Obama is to blame for their behaviors!
by heeltap26 April 20, 2009