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an ethnic group of mixed african and Indian living mostly on the Caribbean Coast of Belize, Honduras, and gautemala. Honduras has a huge Garifuna population, however it is more spoken in Belize than in Honduras or Guatemala. The language is rapidly becoming endangered as a result of Spanish.
Garifuna eat a lot of yuca and dance punta!
by hector83 November 07, 2011
A traditional dance created by the Garifuna who were Blacks who refused slavery and were kicked out of st. Vincent and migrated to Central America. Punta is mostly heard in Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala.
Garifuna dance punta to celebrate the life of the dead! they believe that when you die, you're in a stupor and not yet gone. So they dance one last time with you, and also to celebrate your life...
by hector83 November 07, 2011
A type of fried dough that is eating my virtually all people from Belize, Central America for breakfast. it is usually eaten with some type of meat, bean, or cheese.
bawi mek wi go gewee soh fry jacks! (Belizean Creole) Lets go get some fry jacks. (Standard English)
by Hector83 November 07, 2011

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