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that sudden bolt of fear and regret when you realize your fart was actually a wet shit, aka a shart.

the attackee often slides his/her hand into her shorts for confirmation.
"Last night you totally could have made out with that chick. Why'd you bail?"
"Dude, I was gonna float an air bisquit.... but I swear I felt some fluid in there. I had a shart attack and had to pull the ripcord before I fully shit my pants."
by heavyduty October 15, 2006
To let someone complety sucker you with your eyes wide open.

To be blatently lied to and still fall for it.

To hear a line of bull that the facts do not support but still choose to believe it.
Dude, you had the winning poker hand but you fell for his bluff and lost everything. You just got OBAMA'ED big time!!

My little brother thought I was gonna take him to the movies yesterday but I didn't -- I sure OBAMA'ED his butt.

The president told the American people they could keep their healthcare plans if they liked them -- he definitely OBAMA'ED us!!
by HeavyDuty November 02, 2013

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