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To do something with a complete disregard for others, in a stupid or sometimes funny manner, usually involves lying.

To tell a lie about something that wouldn't seem important so it is perceived to be truth by the person to whom the lie is told.
"Did you hear that lie that he just told?"
"Yeah, it's a schubertism"
by heavy Dee January 14, 2010
When a Male has a Female haircut such as a perm or a bob.
Man 1: "Seans been to the hairdressers and had a bob"
Man 2: "You mean hes been Shirley'd?"
Man 1: "Im never getting my haircut there again, iv been Shirley'd"
Man 1: "Look at that man, hes got a Shirley"
by Heavy Dee February 19, 2012

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