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2 definitions by heavens_ assassin

a word used to describe or refer a close friend , a south african alternative to "boet" .
howzit bwot!

thats well done bwot
by heavens_ assassin April 29, 2011
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the name given to a demi-god , extremely well hung,attractive and supreme intellect , wit and humour . Some believe he is charming , but most of all , other then the huge dong , he is honest and trustworthy, sometimes homicidal . loves ice cream and cooking, very fashionable demi god! loves animals and pure at heart!

loves partying and socializing, knows that true friends are dearest and holds family in high regards

also loves the smurfs and jelly beans
(sarah) omg,that guy looks like Mekail!!!

(jessica) geeez u right, i can see the bulge in his pants from here!!!!!!
by heavens_ assassin April 29, 2011
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