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name of a member from a band named Big Bang. he usually raps in all of his songs. his real name is Kwon Jiyong. he is also known as GD.
i love G-Dragon's voice. it is amazing.
by heaven choi June 22, 2007
a korean singer in korea. she is currently in the YG entertainment.
park bom features in some of big bang's songs.
by heaven choi June 22, 2007
a korean boy band that consists of 5 members. their names are: Lee Hongki (vocalist), Choi Jonghun (guitarist), Oh Wonbin (vocal&guitarist), Lee Jaejin (Bassist), Choi Minhwan (drummer). they are all very young.
i love all of F.T. Island's songs!
by heaven choi June 22, 2007
two korean singers named Brian and Hwanhee. Brian was raised in the U.S. in Minnesota and he speaks perfect English. Hwanhee was just an ordinary korean boy whose dream was to become a singer.
omg! i LOVE fly to the sky! they are so awesome!
by heaven choi June 22, 2007
a comedic korean television show that has 6 members. their names are: Yoo Jaesuk, Jung Joonha, Jung Hyundong, Bak Myungsoo, Haha, Noh Heungchul.
moo han doh jun is such a funny show to watch!
by heaven choi June 22, 2007

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