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3 definitions by heatmeat

The result of being up for days on crystal meth (COMMONLY KNOWN AS "THE HEAT") and finding that your penis has shriveled up to a 1/4 inch of wrinkly useless flesh not even good enough for a proper piss. The heat stick equivalent of whisky dick.
awe shit man, after 4 days that hot chick from the party finally fell asleep and i tried to pull the old 'did i wake you? sorry.... oh yeah my dick is in you isn't it? weird..... Good morning!' trick but i had a terrible case of heat meat
by heatmeat October 29, 2010
A glass (bubble-ed ended) pipe used to smoke crystal methamphetamine
Honey? Have you seen my Heat Stick? I gotta' go to work, it's almost 9am!
by heatmeat October 29, 2010
1. Noun, a meth pipe made of glass.

2. A Person who has been up for days and is flailing around and in great need of a nap. Someone who smokes the heat (METHamphetamine).
1. "Shit I broke the fucking Heat Stick !!!!, Now we gotta use the turkey baster.... bend over man, i'll do you, then you do me okay?!
by heatmeat October 29, 2010