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2 definitions by heatherbutterfly

Music which was formerly described as "indie" music but has since received a great deal of coverage and exposure, resulting in an explosion in its popularity. Thus it is has become mainstream indie or mindie.

Also the kind of music that used to be played at Mixed Bag, every week.
A few years ago it was rare to hear Camera Obscura played anywhere, now they're really mindie. They were even played in NEXT.

Mixed Bag is so disappointing. They don't even pretend to be indie anymore, all they play is the same mindie songs every week.

That band's so mindie now, they were on TMF!
by heatherbutterfly March 21, 2010
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Insults directed, in a light hearted manner, towards people who are trying to be, or refuse to be labelled as "indie" due to its negative associations with Indie Amy (of BBC Them fame).
I'm not indie, okay? Now stop with all these indie-sults.
by heatherbutterfly March 21, 2010
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