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Extremely impressive.
Exceptionally exciting.

A word that describes a person or thing. Origin created by the combination of words "Killer" and "Hellacious".
"That tattoo is KILLACIOUS!"

"That girl at the party was KILLACIOUS!"
"We had a KILLACIOUS time at the lake"
by Heartley99 March 22, 2010
Abdominal portrusion (bloating) so much that you resemble that of a floating balloon.

Female (general) cause: That 'time of the month'.

Male (general) cause: Too much donuts and beer.
"Stay clear guys..my mom's a 'Bloaty McFloaty' today".

"If I only knew 20 years ago my hubby would go from 'class jock' to 'Bloaty McFloaty'!"

"Whudup Bloaty McFloaty!"

"Bloaty McFloaty is in the house!"
by heartley99 April 30, 2010
The person: "Pappy" (Man or Woman)
The behavior: "Brake-happy" (Putting on the brakes too frequently and often un-necessarily).

This behavior is often displayed when behind the wheel of (any) automotive device.
"Oh no, I've got a 'Brake-happy Pappy' in front of me!"

"There goes the road! A 'Brake-happy Pappy' is amongst us!"
by heartley99 May 14, 2010
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