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A Cult in Canton, Michigan that poses as a church. Sure they read the bible and teach the bible but their main goal is to separate you from your family and the rest of the world and make your life completely consist of only church activities. They go the extra mile to provide so many social functions for you to attend and if you don't attend all of them they start to push you out of the church. The other thing is mostly all events have a fundraiser element to them so the church is constantly getting more money of out its congregation other then the normal tithes and offerings (which if you don't give tithes and offerings your gonna be stricken with financial ruin by god). They put on rock concerts instead of praise and worship service and they have a play or a skit every service. Its really entertaining to attend church service. However, like I said becoming apart of this church involves more then just loving god and you will notice the increasing amount of money it costs just to be active on a low level of activity in this church. Once people get sucked into this church they stop associating with people outside of the church. Most kids in this church don't have any friends in their neighborhoods where they live and all their friends are friends from church.

Dude where is your mom?

Well she is at church scrap booking again?
Dude your mom is always at church like everyday.
Yeah, I know they are always having some kind of event that she has to or wants to attend.
Where is your brother? I haven't seen him in forever and I miss the little brat.
Well, he is at the church too! They have a youth room with video game consoles, pool tables, a coffee house and free internet. So he is like there all the time.

Dude, Why didn't your brother join the neighborhood little league or even the soccer league?

Connection Church has their own little league and soccer team, so he plays on their team.
Dude, that church sounds like a Cult to me!
Yeah, I know! It sounds like a Cult to me too!
by he who shalt not be named February 19, 2011
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