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Action: The act of deficating in a legging and whacking an unsuspecting person in the face.
ex. He pissed me off, so I whacked him with the ole' shit in a sock.
by he who had the most fun January 23, 2009
Verb - The act of rubbing yourself and thinking of hot women or ex-girlfriends during boring and drawn-out meetings.
"Wow, that meeting dragged on."
"Yeah, I know... I was thumbing the sausage for the last hour!"
by He who had the most fun July 10, 2008
Noun - Spin on traditional game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. While Paper beat rock, rock beats scissors, handjob beats my meat.
The other night, I conned this girl into a game of rock, paper, handjob. I told her, "If I win, you have to give me a handjob. If I lose, you get to beat my meat".
by He who had the most fun July 10, 2008
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