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A person that sits around on stand that's fucking hot and gets amazingly, perfectly tanned all day, wears the fanny pack with grace, blows that whistle how it should be blown ;), runs around in slow mo, lives for thunderstorms and save lives like a goddamn G. Best job in the whole world.
you: My friend shawn is a lifeguard.
me: Oooh child, he must be gettin all dem chicks with his money, tan.. and the ability to blow whistles with his mouth to mouth abilities ;)
by hdubb August 06, 2010
Anysia's are typically women who are incredibly wise and hilarious. They have more humor than you could ever imagine which can easily been mistaken for idocracy. They are incredibly reliable and trustworthy and keep an open mind in all their endevours. They are musically and mathematically inclined and are very practical. Their beauty is beyond comprehension and they have the most indescribable eyes. They are best known for being popular and all around awesome.
Guy: Look at that tall white woman with a fat ass... That could only be the ass of an Anysia.
by HDubb April 24, 2013

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