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slooooow poke, moving forward so slowly you are actually moving backwards, putt-putting along, for someone cool it can be thought of as sauntering
father with teen daughter walking into Lowes: so much to buy, so little time!

teen daughter is so far behind, she is still at home

by hbhb June 01, 2010
1. the feeling you get when you are working in a building where no one likes you anymore, after disagreeing with co-workers they become subversive and underhanded and stop talking to you

2. how your life feels when you fuck up an affair you are having with the most wonderful, exciting, fascinating, beautiful person you have ever met in your whole life because you can't get your shit together, totally unfun
"Hey JP, no one wants you at the meeting, and you have been uninvited to cookie time, sorry man."

"You know, working in this building is unfun"
by hbhb June 12, 2010

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