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When you have to call someone back but don't want to talk to them, so you wait until you know they can't talk and leave a voice mail.
"I don't want to tell Karen I can't make it tonight, so I'll Stealth-call her when she's on her flight and has her phone shut off."
by hbdanny March 18, 2010
A girl/guy whose attractiveness gives them a high score on a scale of 10...but only because they live in a small town where everyone is kind of fugly. But put them in the nearest big city, and their score is cut in half.
I was at a bar in Pigfuck, Iowa, that had a bunch of girls who were pasty and had lots of zits. They were hot for the area, but were still Big City 5s.
by hbdanny February 05, 2010

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