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3 definitions by hbcu chick

a phrase used to describe sexual needs, disgust, or even happiness. usually a feeling that is so heightened it elicits confusion and raw emotion.
sexual: i haven't seen my man in 3 weeks.. i'm feelin some type of way

disgust: that bitch just pissed me the hell off.. i'm feelin some type of way

happiness: i just got my refund check - i'm feelin some type of way.. wanna go shoppin?
by hbcu chick November 19, 2003
a request made for something to be done.. a resolution to something either ridiculous or practical.
kim: mann it's like 30 degrees outside and she has on a pair of shorts...
jay: yo! immaneed for that chick to put on some real clothes.
by hbcu chick November 19, 2003
the desire or actual act of jumping on someone... usually the culmination of a sexual pursuit ending in headbanging, sweaty, exhausting sex. originated in a freshman orientation seminar on improper sexual conduct at a small HBCU in southeast virginia on exit 267 on I 64.. hmm i wonder what school this is???
tim: shorty's lookin rite in that outfit
mike: yea man shorty looks good
tim: yeah i wouldn't mind drawing her shades
by hbcu chick November 19, 2003