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A dirty sanchez:
(1) what everyone else said apart from that noob who was jizzing in someones mouth.

(2) a truly awsome (or disgusting) show on MTV alot like jackass but so much better as the welsh acent makes it even funnier and they are so much more crazy they should have been commited.
(1). me: "dude i should my finger in this girls ass when i was pounding her doggy style lastnight an then wiped it on her lip."
Rob: "oh dude u gave her a dirty sanchez? thats wrong mate"

(2) "you live on the bus you get fucked up on the bus."
"this isn't fucking gay school ya know!!"
by hazmat man August 01, 2006
A large and powerfull poo/shit that usually happens between the hours of 7am and 12 noon following a rather long night consuming alcohol and the traditional kebabs/pizza afterwards. often makes ones hangover a lot less painfull.
oh god i need a power poo really bad!
I think i've lost about 4 stones after that power poo!
by hazmat man June 03, 2006
the act of dropping the kids of at the sea side is to have a good ole' shit, and because everything that the porcelain got eats ends in the sea the term "drop the kids off at the sea side" comes into effect.
oh man i really need to drop the kids off at the sea side!

dude1: hey where you running off to?
dude2: i gotta drop the kids off at the sea side mate.
dude1: ohhhh got ya, dont be late!
by hazmat man July 04, 2006
a gay mans mission to get as much spunk in one night as possible. can also be used for a cock hungry female.
julian: "oh my god i was so horny last night i went on a snow patrol!"

bruce:"oh you're such a dirty man whore"

cat: "i had sex with 5 blokes last night in th club"

sarah: "damn you were on one hell of a snow patrol!"
by hazmat man June 24, 2006

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