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A derivative and boring show that mindlessly quotes pop culture 3/4ths of its target audience does not understand.
"Did you watch Family Guy last night? They referenced the A-Team, Sanford and Son, and Lindsay Lohan within a minute!"
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by Hazel August 04, 2006
Actually a myth; "cellulite" describes more of a look of fat than the actual fat itself. Fat is fat, the only way to get rid of it is through diet and exercise.

The look of "cellulite" is that of cottage cheese, which is actually caused by the sporadic connection between the skin and the muscle.
"I should use cellulite cream to get rid of my fat."
"No, you fat bitch, get off your ass and exercise, don't waste your money."
by Hazel October 31, 2004
The contract of "they" and "are", often confused with "there" and "their".
They're nice people.
by Hazel January 03, 2004
Contraversial moderator at Megatokyo who promotes narrow-minded zealotry, and ethnocentricity. Has an array of personality problems e.g. Boasted on line that he had threatened his ex-girlfriend that he would beat up any guy she was dating if she did so before he thought she was ready. Often vassilates between being abusive then trying to avoid responsibility by claiming that people shouldn't care about what he says. Excessively dogmatic and extreme low tollerance when his opinions require rational support.
Well that's just crack(pr0n) for ya.
by Hazel April 23, 2005
What little is known about Chris McCulloch (aka Jackson Publick III), creator of The Venture Brothers, has been gleaned largely from rumor and Internet speculation. His scripts and videotapes arrive at Cartoon Network via airmail from various countries, bearing no return address, and in simple brown wrapping - save for a garish "Astrobase-Go!" sticker. While he doesn't return phone calls, in the unlikely event one does make contact with him, it's usually too difficult to hear over the noise of helicopter engines.

What is known about him is that he is a Caucasian male, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1971 - the only son of Jackson Publick, II, whom the baby-boomer generation may remember as the prolific author of the popular Rusty Venture boys' adventure novels of the 1950s and '60s. Publick II's own father, Jackson Publick I, had penned more than 70 Doc Venture serial novels two decades earlier.

Having exhausted his trust fund sometime in the early '90s, and lacking any other marketable skills (despite being a few credits shy of achieving degrees in geology, biology and super-physics), the younger Jackson put his propensity for doodling and lying (ironically the causes for his dismissal from several East Coast private schools) to good use and entered the fast-paced world of television animation. Working under the pseudonym Christopher McCulloch to avoid being accused of trying to cash in on his father's name, he left his mark on such animated fare as The Tick, King of the Hill, Sheep in the Big City and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. However, by 2002 his penchant for quality bedding and bespoke suits prompted Jackson to reconsider cashing in after all. He came to grips with his creative legacy and reclaiming his name, updated the characters his father and grandfather originated - emboldening them with his own style and sensibility to create The Venture Brothers, a new Venture family saga for the new medium of television and new generation of youngsters-at-heart to enjoy. When in the United States, Jackson resides in the legendary Penthouse C ("the jewel of the East Village" - House and Home Magazine), high above New York City.
Jackson Publick writes for The Venture Bros.
#jackson #publick #doc #hammer #great #television #shows
by Hazel August 04, 2006
"Back of the Y is without a doubt the greatest thing to grace our television screens in many years. If youre looking for a half hour of full kicking, mind blowing, no budget, stunt laden wanking jokes then this is for you. While everyone seems to be talking about the American series 'Jackass' at the moment, its good to see that our own home grown Kiwi dumbasses Matt Heath and Chris Stapp have once again risen to the challange and made a show so stupid and funny that it makes any jackass look lameass."
"Listen im gonna say this once! DRUGS, are for GROWN UPS! GO TO BED!"

"I'm not an asshole, I'M A MAN!"

"your kids, are on drugs, RIGHT NOW!"
by Hazel September 21, 2004
1. The nipples on George Cloony's batsuit in "Batman and Robin."
2. The protector of all nipples. Born an upper-class nipple, Batnipple saw his parents die at the hands of a petty criminal. Vowing to avenge them, he donned the black mask and became The Batnipple, crusader and dark knight among nipples.
1. Hazel: The only things I remember from Batman and Robin are the batnipples.
2. Justin: I am the Batnipple.
by Hazel July 08, 2005
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