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a style of music that originated in the 1960's as an underground music. Most people will tell you "RAP" started in New York others will tell you California...but it really doesn't matter....Rap roots were a jamacian style of music that involved TURNTABLES and shouting things like throw ya hands in the air/wave em like you just dont care....Then came people like the SUGAR HILL GANG who produced the first rap recording and made rap into a mainstreem type of music...RUN DMC came to the scene with the gold chains and sports wear and started a new style of rap....the beastie boys..a group of white rappers were the first to make a rap album to go #1 on bill board charts..around the 1980's a california based rap group was emerging known as NWA,and in 1987 the NWA dropped their first album STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON this album started a new style called GANGSTA RAP..

this was just a short history of rap music....most people hate rap cuase they listen to the mainstreem bullshit that they hear on the radio or see on TV..list of some of the wackest mainstreemers..MIKE JONES..PAUL WALL..LIL JON..YINYANG..JEEZY..DA FRANCHIZE BOYS..DFL..FAT JOE (ANY BODY FROM ATLANTA) T.I...50 CENTS...G-UNIT...

A COUPLE OF MAINSTEEMERS WHO ARE ACTUALLY GOOD...JAY-Z(I used to hate him until I actually listened to his music) T-PAC(Some people compare him to Hitler becuse of his power to infuence and pusuade many young blacks mostly males....but tupac is the greatest rapper no matter what anyone says..)Nas.....Biggie smalls(best rapper from new york)...ICE CUBE...SNOOP DOGG..KRSone( the coldest rapper in a rap battle) they are more but i dont have time....

to all who say rap sucks should just sit down and shut up!!!ill admit that the bullcrap that gets played on tv and radio sucks but there are good rappers out there...and like all american music rap was started by african americans and is being corrupted by whites..
Rap used to be good...

Club poppin songs from atlanta based artists like yinyang and franchise boys give rap a bad name
by hayyre222333 October 06, 2006

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