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a person who despises mcdonalds and its influence on western society yet remains a hypocrite, a contributer to the problem
we are all united as sons and daughters of mac. we are all mcwankers at heart
by haywood jablomi March 06, 2005
Snotty shallow bimbos that judge themselves and others on financial situations.
Hilton sisters, sluts cum dumpstersOlsen trolls
"Like, Oh ma God! I hate those DIDCUSTING homeless people! And people that live in APARTMENTS or only have ONE car! They should like, stop doing drugs or whateva!"
by Haywood Jablomi December 03, 2003
masterbation for people whose penis is so small they have to use tweezers.
perry eggman is a tweezerbater.
by haywood jablomi March 08, 2005
When a person large amounts of weed and or shrooms
Shit bitch, yo momma cawgined my shit like a turtle on crack
by Haywood Jablomi November 28, 2003
an abrigged version of the word masterbation.
i plan to sturby at least 7 times today
by haywood jablomi March 07, 2005
the term used to desribe an inversion of the penis due to an extremley sexually unnattractive stimulus.
marlon brando gave me an inny
by haywood jablomi March 08, 2005
Little skanks that walk around thinking they look good trying to tease older men that can't get anyone their own age. Usually LIE about their age.
baby-momma-to-be, slut
by Haywood Jablomi December 03, 2003

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