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One usually referred to as a whore. Goes around giving BJs to anyone and everyone.
Bri Thompson, enough said.
by Haywood Jablome April 14, 2005
a real dumb and slutty/blonde bitch aka the town bicycle
Teneille is one damn skanky hoe
by haywood jablome October 26, 2004
Basically fuck but with such a flair that even you can't handle it. It's simply schfuck; beyond comprehension.
Schfuck, that bitch's ass is too fine.
by Haywood Jablome May 31, 2004
The most impossibly counter comeback. It is a response to everything and nothing.
You neither agree, nor disagree.. it is such a beauty.
Joe: Go f*ck yourself
You: Occasionally

Ted: Lick my balls
You: Occasionally

Sue: God you're such a fag
You: Occasionally

Boss: You're fired!
You: Occasionally
by Haywood Jablome April 14, 2005
1. A sports drink for the Florida State football team, a la Gatorade.
2. When mixed with semen makes up a sweet nutritional Mexican hot sauce.
Jack: Hey, throw me some seminole fluid.
Fred: How bout you go suck a donkey turd to flaming son of a shiite.
by Haywood Jablome October 15, 2003
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