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One usually referred to as a whore. Goes around giving BJs to anyone and everyone.
Bri Thompson, enough said.
by Haywood Jablome April 14, 2005
Go Look up Occasionally
see occasionally for definition.
by Haywood Jablome April 14, 2005
a real dumb and slutty/blonde bitch aka the town bicycle
Teneille is one damn skanky hoe
by haywood jablome October 26, 2004
Basically fuck but with such a flair that even you can't handle it. It's simply schfuck; beyond comprehension.
Schfuck, that bitch's ass is too fine.
by Haywood Jablome May 31, 2004
The most impossibly counter comeback. It is a response to everything and nothing.
You neither agree, nor disagree.. it is such a beauty.
Joe: Go f*ck yourself
You: Occasionally

Ted: Lick my balls
You: Occasionally

Sue: God you're such a fag
You: Occasionally

Boss: You're fired!
You: Occasionally
by Haywood Jablome April 14, 2005
overzealous spender,
known nissan nazi
He pulled a Ho Ting!
by haywood jablome April 11, 2003
1. A sports drink for the Florida State football team, a la Gatorade.
2. When mixed with semen makes up a sweet nutritional Mexican hot sauce.
Jack: Hey, throw me some seminole fluid.
Fred: How bout you go suck a donkey turd to flaming son of a shiite.
by Haywood Jablome October 15, 2003
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