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Florida: The state for the newly-wed and the nearly-dead.
AKA: God's waiting room.
by haywood September 08, 2004
A neurotic, psychotic, woman girl. A compulsive liar indigenous to the Chantilly, VA area. Displays low self asteem and will hook-up with anyone showing interest in her booty.
I bought Foogirl a drink and she let me bang her.
by Haywood December 30, 2003
someone who is called danny nix. he likes to put rabbit poo on his face and dance around singing "look at me, im the rabbit poo boy"
oh look, thers danny nix again putting poo on his face dancing and signing. he should be caged.
by Haywood January 20, 2004
Rare birth defect in which the fetus fails to develop any spinal structures while in the womb. As a result, the head fully develops within the rectal cavity, in which it remains throughout the patient's life. Marked cognitive deficiency is often a side effect due to the lack of oxygen the brain receives during the formative years. No known cure, and no safe surgical method has been found for extracting the head from the patient's rectal cavity.
Tom: Why do you always have your head up your ass?
Bradley: Because I suffer from 1979 Syndrome.
by Haywood February 23, 2003
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