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damo is uber cool. he rocks my world..
hayley: 'damon you rock my world!'
stef: 'damon, you rock hayleys world!'
damon: 'most excellent!'
by Hayley June 22, 2004
a verb that originated from alaskan bears in a humans first heard this when they killed the first alaskan bear in canada it is use in great frustration
"grrr... you suck small ballz"
"grrr... that guy is so hot but i have no chance with him"
"grrr... my dog is getting run over right in front of me"
this word can be used in many forms not just these
by hayley March 29, 2005
a gd m8 always dere wen u need 2 chat 2 her.always in a hyper.funny.sum1 u can trust
sadie higgins
by hayley October 23, 2003
the effects after consuming many, many alcoholic beverages. i.e. parallel to that of intoxication, getting 'housed,' drunkerdan, rowdy...
"crystal and i got soo jazzed last night!..."
by Hayley December 08, 2003
the effects of many alcoholic beverages; i.e. intoxication.
"crystal, let's get jazzed!"
by Hayley December 07, 2003
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