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The sort of person who would hack into a website, delete half the files, and laugh when the owner of the site returned in the morning.
Shite! My site got delketed by asswagons again!
by hay thear October 17, 2003
message board moderator who really likes to close threads and abuse power
Apocalypse Weapon closed my thread at FFWA and then edited out all my arguments against his viewpoint.
by hay thear August 11, 2003
The end boss of Final Fantasy IX who comes out of nowhere and randomly decides to try to destroy the entire world.
Man, I was expecting a good end boss at the end of that game, but I got a Necron-quality boss instead.
by hay thear December 28, 2003
lol siri

sirius dies
by hay thear October 08, 2003
Someone who's shit at winking.
Isak is a shit winker. He's alright at wanking though.
by hay thear October 17, 2003
Don't let all those "Zidane is a Genome" losers fool you. Zidane is really a monkey.
Zidane is SUCH a monkey.
by hay thear October 04, 2003
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