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3 definitions by hax0red_my_maracas

When you go into someone's room and poop on their floor.
Damn, Danny just apple dropped Palgnari's room.
by hax0red_my_maracas April 29, 2006
38 15
The seasoning on cheese curds at Santana's in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Damn, these cheese curds are addictive. It must be that crack salt.
by hax0red_my_maracas April 29, 2006
7 3
A person who has one or more of the following attributes:

1) Has a hard drive that is 40gb or larger
2) Use pick up lines that references the size of his or her hard drive
3) Enjoys performing Net Send shenanigans
4) Thinks that SQL injection is more rad than sex
5) Loves them some Linux
6) The only naked women that they have seen is via internet porn.
Roger is turbo nerdy, he luvs getting ghetto on people via IRC chat.
by hax0red_my_maracas April 29, 2006
139 234