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"A young girl" - Irish.

But Deidre's are so much more than that. Deidre's are known as strict, wild, and unpredictable bitches. In a good way.

Deidre's are beautiful inside and out, but may be pessimistic and skeptical to the point where they seem scary and ugly.

Everyone loves them, but they tend to hate themselves. Very smart, reliable girls, but an endangered species. If you ever managed to get your hands on one, do whatever you can to get them to stay.
Guy: I'm so in love with that Deidre chick.
Other guy: Srsly? She looks like a total bitch.

Guy: Well yeah, but she makes it HOT!
Other guy: .... I can totally see that. I think I'll ask her out.
by hawkracer September 15, 2009

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