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16 definitions by hawaiian dicking


commonly used to avoid self incrimination in contexts such as boards discussing drug use. also used in places where generally criminal acts are taking place. (not dissimilar to use of illicit drugs)

m is sometimes replaced with y (for you) wherein someone would be questioning another.
swim generally prefers mainlining to fix himself. also, how much does swiy pay a day to support his habit?
by Hawaiian Dicking May 08, 2009
the uber chemical in your brain that makes you feel rad.

also where heroin got its nickname, due to it flooding your brain with feelgood.
john's brain was spewing dopamine the day he lost his virginity.

doug was feeling depressed, so he shot some dope.
by Hawaiian Dicking May 13, 2009
stoned mexicans
cypress hill is a good example of baked beans
by Hawaiian Dicking January 13, 2010
having a beautifully shaped buttocks.

from ancient greek kalli-, meaning beautiful, and puge, meaning ass.
dude 1 - yo, you see dat fine ass bitch ova deah?

dude 2 - yeah, man. i would uze da woid callipygian to describe dat shit, yaknowwhatimsayin.
by Hawaiian Dicking July 06, 2009
the one word that people should stop fucking including in their definitions for countries.
type in any country with more than a few definitions into the search bar.

ctrl+f "beautiful"

be horrified
by Hawaiian Dicking May 13, 2009
a dimebag of heroin and cocaine each.
bubbles (buyin from east side hoppers) - yeah uhh ill take a 1 and 1, here be $20

bodie - hey yo bubbles, why you buyin from east side niggas? ill give you the dope and coke for 15, and the ice for another 5

bubbles - aight yo
by Hawaiian Dicking December 20, 2009
a disease lacking in humor, surplussing in tumor.
holy shit dude, that 6 centimeter mass in your lungs has no sense of humor. what a killjoy.

also, cancer.
by Hawaiian Dicking July 10, 2009