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labels are convenient, yes, but goths have different styles too.

..gothic lolita-basically trying to look like china doll. theyre cute and they carry around toys, pretty nice lot of people, a lot of them have pink in their hair and whatnot, their hair being in pigtails or braids, etc.
..elegant gothic lolita-they look like people who lived in upper class england in the 1700s ish. top hats, tailcoats,ictorian dresses, lace, black clothing, with other colours on the dark side, i.e purple, dark green, blood red
..happy goth (mostly in japan)- they wear tonnes and tonnes of accessories, and the ultimate goal is to blind you iwth bright, happy colours.its adorable and they do in fact wear pink. quite alot of it. they wear black too, but mainly colours. all over. ( red, yellow, red, light blue, pink, etc)

goths most other places are supposed to be depressed gay rebels, which is not true, of course. trust me, go round asking 'those who are normal' if what they wear makes them happy and theyll say no. its just what they wear. it doesnt express much but for that this guy or that is man enough to wear pink. good for him.

it does hold true that most goths have dyed hair, wear black, and are a little unhappy.but its also true that even though you might be scared of a goth, theyre the nicest group of people youll ever meet if you stop insulting them. theyre pretty smart, leaning toward the artistic side and might be slightly obsessed with music. which by the way does have to be death metal. goths also like bands like the postal service and belle and sebastian.
go to google and look up harajuku or harajuku fashion lo and behold, different styles of goth! or just look up gothic lolita, elegant gothic lolita, etc. great fun, i assure you.
by haveaniceday August 14, 2006

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