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When your fishing partner casts to the exact same spot you do, casts to a spot you are closer to before you have a chance, or otherwise tries to encroach on spots you intented to fish
Randi: Man, I give you all the room in the world back there, and you still gotta N-fish me (shakes head) Just like all the bruthas do to each other when they shorefishin!

Darack: I'm just overcasting cuz I'm six inches taller than you, thats all! You were muthafuckin frontboating me anyway!
by hausie June 21, 2009
While fishing, when the dude in the front of the boat running the trolling motor casts to all the best spots before the guy in the back of the boat has a chance
Darack: Man, I totally smoked your ass bass fishing today!
Randi: I'd a done fine if you hadn't been frontboating me all day!
Darack: What you talkin about man! You coulda N-fishedme!
by hausie June 21, 2009
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