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Kingwood texas is the worst place to live; point blank. Its home to druggies, skanks, snobs, and superficial people.

the people here are self absorbed and love good drama. Kingwood High School and Kingwood Park High School really arnt that different other than the fact that they hate one another. they have their own cliques, they suck at football and they consist of a great deal of money. people think they are automatically "cool" if they smoke weed or drink, and smoking weed is pretty much a contest as to who can get the highest. its very rare you find a girl who hasnt had sex. sex is another major problem in kingwood, almost every week you hear about whos had sex with who and whos pregnant with whos baby. Kingwood is the biggest joke of a town.
ive lived in kingwood tx. my whole life and hated every minute of it. im in my teens and thank god im graduating next year. ive dropped most of my friends that ive known most of my life due to the fact that they are all now either sluts or major druggies, or both. i dont relate to anybody here not even my teachers...they too are snobby. i cant wait to leave!
by hateskingwood February 01, 2010

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