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A school on the Upper East Side taught by Jesuits and other Catholic people. It's a high school and like all other high schools we have our share of the normals, the weirdos, the drinkers, the "innocent" little Catholic school girls, the jocks, the nerds, the hopeless blondes, the emos, the Atheists, the "hey, there was this one time at band camp" people, the drama queens, the nastiest people you'll ever meet, and the coolest people you'll ever meet. We have a very diverse community of 200 students coming from all over the tri-state area. The people here are fun loving party animals, sugar-coated, wild, smart, and super hot. We're competitive and beast on whatever we do. And yea, we love each other. Most of the time... Peace.
Person #1: My friend goes to Loyola School.
Person #2: I have a friend there too.
Person #1: Yea, they party like crazy over there.
Person #2: I heard. They're really nice people, and I heard like their basketball team is like really good.
Person #1: Yea... I was thinking of transferring there next year.
Person #2: Well, yea, you're like super smart, they'll totally accept you.
Person #1: I do want to go to a good college.
Person #2: Well then, duh, go to Loyola.
by hatersstophating April 12, 2009

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