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When a girl acts all mature and too smart for everyone. Also connected to having an awful haircut that makes her look even more like an old woman. She is really annoying and does't want to participate in any team work because she thinks she's way too mature for that. Usually also kind of vain and likes to pretend to have an accent when in fact she pronounces the words like no other accent. Doesn't know how to have fun and NEVER drinks OR dances on any party. Just goes there to pretend to be more mature than the others. Also all nerdy and wants teachers to like her above others. Always does all the work and never on any condition will skip a class even if all the other students decide so. goes to sleep at like 7 everyday. a rule: NEVER HAS FUN ANYWHERE
"Look at this fake teen grandma reading her homework proudly, faking the accent."

A: "Everybody decided to wear a mask! It was a team competition. Only the fake grandma decided not to put a mask on, because she's too good for that."
B: "Well she doesn't need a mask. She's faking a grandma everyyyyday."

A: "Who will you invite to your party?"
B: "Deffo not the fake grandma. I don't need a grumpy sober 'to good for you' awful looking vain person there."
by hatelies February 13, 2013
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