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5 definitions by hastatus3

x-ray i'd like to fuck
Nurse - So what did you break?
Chuck Norris - Someone's face
Billy - Ohhh it hurts.... He freakin roundhouse kicked me!
Nurse - Here put your face on the table to take an x-ray
Chuck Norris - Holy shit thats the finest xilf i've ever seen!
Nurse - You can't see x-rays they're invisible.
Chuck Norris - Maybe to you mortals but I'm Chuck Norris
Nurse - Oh yeah sorry i forgot.
by hastatus3 October 25, 2009
A internet symbol for the male genitalia.
Runescape sucks 8===D
by hastatus3 May 03, 2010
When a man jizzes in a condom ties it up and makes a woman swallow it, then after she poops it out the man puts it back on and makes the woman deep throat it
Mom: Billy what are you doing?
Billy: Nothin' just givin some bitch a Ass Munchy
Mom: Oh ok, dont forget to call grandma
by hastatus3 May 02, 2010
1) A woman from Peru who's occupation is that of giving handjobs in the back parking lot of Walmart for $5

2) A device from Peru that is used to erect the male genitalia.

3) A mentally impared person whom nobody wants to be around.
1) That Peruvian Penis Pumper was a freak man.

2) Woman: I want to have sex.
Man: One second I'll go get my Peruvian Penis Pumper

3) God stay away from that Peruvian Penis Pumper
by hastatus3 May 03, 2010
While a man is having anal sex with a tight woman, he pulls out as fast as he can and the penis creates a suction to the feces inside the anus and the feces come out as well, if done properly in an explosion.
Person 1: Why do you smell bad?
Person 2: I gave some chick a St. Louis explosion.
Person 1: Cool, wanna give me one?
by hastatus3 May 03, 2010