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A reference to a Woman who hasn't seen action in years. Origin came from Hillary Clinton supposedly having a dried up snatch. (See tags for South Park Hillary Clinton)
"Hey Bill how was Sally last night?"
"We had to go buy lubricant because she had a Hill Snatch."
"Damn I hate bitches who have Hillary's Snatch."
#snatch #hillary clinton #south park #dried #vagina #pussy #women #nasty
by haskill July 22, 2008
Masturbuating to the point of climaxing than stopping for five days through the weekday. Once you feel you have a good bit of sperm built up proceed in activitys for the weekend.
"How was your date with sally last night Bill?"
"Awesome, I was powerloading the whole week so she got a mouth full."
#powerload #weekday #building up sperm #climax #mouth full #building
by haskill July 21, 2008
A hooker, ho, or whore who once you get her into the room asks you if she could just watch you do yourself. Usually characterized by her falling asleep during the middle of it. You often feel ripped off after she leaves.

Porch monkey refers to being lazy and the hooker can be of any color.
"How was your birthday present we sent you last night Bill?"
"Terrible you bought me a Porch Monkey Hooker"
"Shit I'm sorry man"
#porn #hooker #ho #whore #pornography #money #porch monkey #porch #monkey #lazy
by Haskill July 22, 2008
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