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Too be taught at home.Describing the process in which one or both parents keep their child out of public or private schools to better insulate them and indoctrinate them into their own world view. Often done by religious or anti science zealots to prevent their child learning alternate real world views.

slang: A put down said of another who struggles with any view outside their own.
I tried to talk to him about evolution, but he was home schooled and told me Noah brought Dinosaurs on his Ark.
by Hasbro July 05, 2006
In political circles, a member of the 20 percent (who ALWAYS supported George W. Bush no matter what) and now continuing on in the current self destructive tendency of Hardcore republicans, i.e. Teabag parties} and now those that reject the Reality of President {Obama's birth certificate..'Birthers'.

A final culmination of utter insanity and self implosion.
by Hasbro August 10, 2009
Descriptive of a player, who's slick, and all about himself, confident. A nick name for a dude who's got it going on, or thinks he does
" Yo, you look like da king napster of porn sport coat, you dog!"
by Hasbro July 17, 2006
noun, acronym. The War Against Terror
He works in the Homeland Defense Department, a mid-level official in T.W.A.T
by Hasbro June 19, 2006
noun, slang for Penis
She likes me, especially since she found out I have a big bird. Her Cat eats my bird all up!!
by Hasbro June 19, 2006
A common name of a WASP who has inherited old money and does not have to work for a living.
Oh Bif, let's play a set of tennis.
by Hasbro July 07, 2006
noun. Slang: for female anus. Likely of African American usage/creation
Yo dog, I cruised to the new 940 club, met this biiatch, man she was a FREAK! I took her back to my crib, and we got it on. I fed that cat the bird all night long, then rolled her over and tore that buttercup up!!
by Hasbro June 19, 2006

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